Stuck On You - Postcard Campaign
Print, Advertising / Branding, Student Work

            Stuck on you is an advertising postcard campaign proposed for Tarzan’s Grip. The campaign creatively promotes the single minded proposition of the brand as being the strongest and quickest super glue on the market. It conveys this in an unexpected way, that is: Tarzan’s grip can not only bond together objects but also create strong bonds between people. The cards pair together typical cheesy valentine slogans with glued mismatch objects further reinstating how strong Tarzan’s grip really is, that it can even match make the oddest of pairs. The consumer can connect these valentine’s cards that are to be posted out to strengthen bonds between loved ones, with the glues strong bonding features. Therefore, giving both purpose to the cards to be used as postcards but also at the same time actively reinstating the qualities of the superglue as a product. The campaign is to be launched for Valentines day and are collectable at supermarkets and other retailers of Tarzan’s grip.