Now, Thats The Tea 
Print, Illustration, Public Art Project

            ‘Now that’s the tea’ highlights Palestinian history and its years of oppression by Israel. What may seem like an innocent and ordinary teapot, holds more “tea” than it seems. In between the intricate design and embedded between the patterns of the piece is a story of struggle. Much like the issue at hand, it is only once you delve deeper, ask questions and take a closer look does the message become clear, does the injustice become clear. No one is free until we are all free.
            Made in solidarity with the Palestinian community in order to amplify the Palestinian voice. Sold and promoted through instagram, all proceeds for the prints go to the cause. Seen at the protests, pasted up around Melbourne and sold as prints. Screenprinted in Melbourne on different stocks, board and paper as a 1-5 layer print.