Maintenance Log

            Maintenance Log, explores the themes of restriction, maintenance, form and time based content within the context of design. The final presentation is a wire bound 102pp book. This project was a self initiated assignment in relation to being boxed in during lockdown. It takes the concept figuratively but also literally. The premise of the project is simple: to design everyday. Each design is determined by the day of lockdown. The day of lockdown is the amount of boxes that need to be used to communicate a form or image for that day’s design. It seeks to use restriction as guidance as opposed to limitation. The project began on 5th of July and ended on the 12th of October, accumulating 100 designs. These were then made as pages and bound in a book.
            In a time where designing can be harder than ever, this project was a chance to consistently maintain creating but also be low pressure and enjoyable. In a way it served as an activity more than an assignment that gave me motivation to still be creative. The project also brought me back to absolute basics of shape and form.