It’s Nice Inside
Augmented Reality, 3D Design, Publication 

            Made amidst the first lockdown, It’s Nice Inside explores the importance of curating your space and how environment plays a huge factor in ones mental wellbeing. An environment can influence how one behaves and the motivations of their actions. I found this interesting and created this augmented experience interpreting my own curated space within my mind. The key to my experience both towards the lockdown and the experience, was perception. In getting through the lockdown, I chose to perceive it as a chance to reset, take a break and pause from the realities of the real world for just a moment, hence the dreamscape inspired space of my design.
            This experience design utilises 3D elements made on blender and was made in association with Appearition. The AR experience is scannable through the app, and is accompanied by a publication featuring other students’ AR experience designs made within the studio.