Boxed In
Zine, Collage, Publication

              Lockdown makes me feel all sorts of things a longing for things that are outside of my reach like travelling past my defined radius, and instead I resort to shipping almost anything and everything to my home. I found it interesting that my packages could travel to all sorts of places, but I couldnt. I’m pretty much boxed in, while if I was a box of goods I could defy all borders and restrictions. Since, I can’t travel anywhere I wanted to create a story of a pov of a box that travels for me.
            So in utilising a lot of left over packaging and the alternative photographic process of travelling through google street view, I created a number of collages. This zine comprises of them and much like a photobook the attention is drawn to the crafted images themselves. The zine was made as a limited edition an posted within a custom boxed in mailer that was recylced from previous received mail.