A Collection of Curiosities 
Publication, Post Digital Archive  

            Google is a beacon for all things navigational. Everyday, we search
hundreds of different queries and questions to navigate ourselves through life on Google search. Each one of our search histories and internet activity collates enough information that could itself, write biographies of our lives, where every search out of curiosity is also a note of a moment in time. All our thoughts and feelings becoming an automated journal.
            Inspired by the essay Journey to the Center of Google Earth by Simon Sellars, A Collection of Curiosities is a book that explores Google but instead of Google earth, it explores my 2020 google search history. A year that was a different year to say the least. Very different due to the fact that most of it, well at least for me, was spent in lockdown. There’s hardly any artefact of the year. My camera roll is limited to very few images and screenshots. All I have is a merged memory of time because there lacks an account of moments to remember when things happened. So this record of every time I typed something into the google search bar out of curiosity and hit search becomes a mark in time, a story of my 2020 and an insight into who I was then.